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This is a restored edition of Arco's 1932 bookand is offered as an ebooklet. The text remains exactly as written. This ebook has many pages with old photographs and illustrations. This is a must have ebook for your physical culture library.

"Otto Arco is the marvel of physical culture experts, the idol of countless physical culture fans all over the world. He has one of the most magnificent builds that any man has ever developed. Arco is master of that difficult art of muscle-control, perfect co-ordination which is the secret of all great feats of strength. For thirty years Arco has demonstrated his spectacular strength, appearing in leading world's theatres. Otto Arco is recognized everywhere not only as a perfect physical specimen himself, but as the foremost exponent of physical culture. I have met many who said that a few words from Otto Arco have helped them more than years of study and exercise under other physical culture instructors." -STANISLAUS ZBYSZKO. It is a "promotional booklet" for Otto Arco's courses. Note: It is an interesting read more for historical information than actual training information. 29 pages.

How To Acquire Super Strength by Otto Arco ebook

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