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Online Coaching

My Story & Mission

Hi, my name is Carlos, and I am The Golden Era Bookworm. My mission is to spread the word of Bodybuilding and Physical Culture as it was originally practiced for the purpose of achieving strength and health to lead a long, successful and happy life. This is what Classic Bodybuilding was all about.

As many of you know, besides being a knowledgeable Bodybuilding Historian and Collector, I am also a Medical Scientist, with over 25 years of experience in medical research and in the clinic. On top of that, I have lectured medical doctors, nurses and sports professionals in University's worldwide for over 25 years. This combination of knowledge is almost unparalleled in the world of fitness.  

This website serves two purposes. It exists so that I can share the knowledge of the past and educate people on effective bodybuilding methods, as well as to help as many people achieve their fitness and health goals. I love helping people achieve their goals as it has a ripple effect that can be passed forward. Combined with my bodybuilding knowledge on diet and training and my medical science background, I can help you achieve your goals. Whether you simply wish to improve your health and physique, or wish to become and compete as a Classic Bodybuilder, I would love to help you along your journey.

Geared towards the Novice and Beginner, this program takes

you through several guided stages of development.

The Golden Era Method of gaining mass followed by shaping

is vital in gaining a Classic Physique.

For those who wish to gain muscle and lose fat fast, this program

is for you. This program is also flexible in time, allowing you to

choose a program that suits you, and therefore is ideally suited

to the busy professional and/or family man.

Looking to achieve that massive Rib Cage, that was

THE TRADEMARK Old School Bodybuilding look?

Then this program is for you! My Rib Cage Expansion program

will increase the mobility and expand your rib cage using tried

and tested techniques from the Golden Era!

Classic Cut

Novice to Classic


Rib Cage Expansion



Custom programs also available!

If you want to get started, click the link for a FREE Consultation:





"Dr Carlos is an excellent coach- detail oriented and very well versed in old school bodybuilding training.

I had fast, natural results (particularly from the rib cage expansion programme) which boosted my overall musculature. He was on hand to answer any questions whatsoever- so his services certainly offer great value. Many thanks!"



"When I first found Carlos, it was through his YouTube channel Golden era bookworm.

I was watching his videos about how to do bodybuilding and his interview with legends of the bodybuilding sport all the time both in and out of the gym. The videos gave me so much motivation. But it was when I learned that he offered Coaching and me deciding to make him my coach that my true Golden era/ Classic physique journey started.

I got to really see what kind of standard that made the legends like Arnold , Serge Nubret , Robby Robinson , Frank Zane, Tom Platz and more. Through this journey I’ve been on for about 1.5 year I have seen big changes, all naturally in a way I didn’t think possible for my physique. I have learned so much , from us having video sessions each Sunday, through each workout where I’ve been able to feel what the Golden era principles of building a beautiful and strong physique is all about. My coach has always been cheering me on even when I’ve doubted my ability, and available whenever I’ve needed and patient as well with me learning the ropes. He has become not only my coach but also a brother.

Anyone wanting to become their best naturally should consider Coach Carlos."



"Carlos started working with me as my personal trainer about 8 months ago. My goal was to lose about 10 kg in overall body-weight, while building up strength and muscle to end up with a six-pack prior to my vacation. Carlos is incredibly knowledgeable not only in the area of weight training / body building, but literally is a walking encyclopedia on subjects of physiology, nutrition, fitness and mental focus. There is no way I would have been able to reach my goal without Carlos' carefully customized work-out schedule tailored to my specific situation, including the nutritional aspects. He kept me accountable in a very professional manner throughout the training period and patiently worked with me when adjustments needed to be made. One of the key aspects I truly appreciate about the approach Carlos took, was to make sure that I NEVER overdid anything, making sure my physical abilities were challenged but not exposed to physical harm. I would absolutely and without any hesitation recommend Carlos as a personal trainer, who is now also a good friend to me! I look forward to spending many more hours together with him in and outside the gym!  Thanks mate!!! Couldn't have done it without you!!"


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