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Peary Rader's Classic Text is back! From the original editor and publisher of “Iron Man Magazine”. Peary Rader wrote this booklet back during the Silver Era in 1946 with a revision in 1956, in what is considered by many to be the most effective and result producing muscle building course in existence. Because it contains the original 20 Rep Squat program, many trainees have gained 30 lbs. of muscle in one month, whilst others claim gains of 100 lbs. of muscle in a single year by using the methods described in this ebooklet.

This ebooklet contains details on correct exercise form for gaining mass and muscle and nutritional information, with courses for arm, delts, chest, back and legs specialization and courses for trimming down and even for the elderly.

As well as the 20 Rep Breathing Squat, there are courses on the  Breathing Clean and Jerk Program, and the Breathing Deadlift Program which are all rare specialization courses for gaining huge amounts of muscle mass.

Here’s the Information You’ve Been Looking For:

  • Learn about the history of these bodybuilding and weight gaining methods.
  • How important is previous exercise experience?
  • How to arrangement your training program for maximum results.
  • How to keep accurate workout records.
  • The relationship of age to fast gains in size and strength.
  • Developing correct living habits to improve your health and well being.
  • Hard work, the all important mental approach to your training.
  • Discover how important sleep, rest and relaxation is to your success.
  • The importance of bathing and massage.
  • Proper nutrition for optimum weight gain and the famous “six meal a day” plan.
  • Learn about frequency of workouts and layoffs to avoid overtraining.
  • Foster the habit of correct posture.
  • The secret of the number of repetitions and when to add weight.
  • A discussion about different breathing methods.
  • The use of cambered or bent bars and loading racks.
  • Different positions for squatting.
  • How to develop a huge chest cavity for improving your squat.
  • Details for building a dead lift hopper.
  • Specialization programs for the neck, arms, forearms, pectorals, deltoids, back, legs, calves, and abdominals.
  • Training for the older man and setting realistic goals.
  • The rebound principle of developing muscle and strength.
  • Examples of different repetition schedules.
  • Specialization on one exercise for maximum gains.
  • The use of short movements for power and development.
  • How to shape up after a weight gaining program.
  • An abbreviated program of bodybuilding.
  • Muscle flushing or pumping.
  • The One Day Program of Specialization.
  • The Cheating Method of Exercise.
  • The Hise Breathing Shoulder Shrug.
  • The 1½ System
  • The Split Workout Program.
  • The Rader Squat Program.
  • The Eell’s Bodyweight Squat System.
  • The Dead Lift Program for Weight Gaining.
  • The Clean and Jerk Program for Weight Gaining.
  • The Split Repetitions Program.
  • The Split, Pause Program.
  • The Rest Pause System.
  • The Rader High Chest Pull Program.
  • The Peak Contraction Method.
  • The Forced Repetition Method.
  • The Press, Chin, Squat Program.
  • The Clean and Press Squat Program.
  • The Clean and Jerk Press Squat Program.
  • The Specialized Squat Program.
  • Taking Your Measurements.

Fully illustrated with Exercise charts. Ebooklet is 52 pages long.

Note: due to the age of the original book, some text was harder to scan but is still legible.

Rader Master Bodybuilding and Weight Gaining System ebooklet by Peary Rader

CHF 20.00Price
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