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This is another rare edition of Vince Gironda's Abdominals series called the Master Abdominals Course.  Unlike the first two editions edition which are also on sale on this website, you will find other images of how to perform certain exercises that you will not find in the other abdominal courses by Vince Gironda, or in the 6 week Abdominals course, as well as the diets recommended by Vince to bring out the abdominals. Every edition that Vince came out with was different. This website contains 4 different editions, each building on each other. This is thanks to a collaboration between Karl Coyne and myself.

Within you will find how to manipulate your metabolism to burn fat and bring out the musculature of the abdominals using diet and supplements. Vince also describes the exercises necessary to bring out muscular detail, and which to avoid. The booklet is very old, and it could be of better quality, but the information found within is priceless!! 24 pages describing Vinces 25 years of experience. Enjoy

The New Revised Master Abdominals Course by Vince Gironda ebook

CHF 15.00Price
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