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After Arnold initially retired from competition in 1975, he decided to share the secrets to his bodybuilding success in written ebooklets which were shared in the seminars he and John Balik held. Arnold’s Original Seminar Booklets are now available at, which explain the 3 phases of bodybuilding and how to structure your nutrition and training programs for each level as well as how to progressively reach each goal to ensure your BB goals are achieved.

Included in this series was "The Complete Cycle" which contains Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass and Size. This 21 page ebooklet explains the importance of Somatotyping, the 3 stages of Bodybuilding and the 6 phase plan which Arnold used as his Blueprint to Mass.

The 4 ebooklets in this series explained his 6 phase training system which took your from Novice to Advanced BB, Nutrition for adding Muscular Size, Pre-Contest Nutrition for gaining definition, muscular separation and cuts, as well as Arnold’s steroid cycle.


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