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Written in 1911, The Kings of Strength was written by Edmond Desbonnet and describes the Strongmen of the Bronze Era. This in a Ebook, French language.

More than a century ago, the barrel-chested strongman clad in leopard skins, Roman sandals and carrying an oversized barbell was a common performer in fairs, circuses and vaudeville theaters. In 1911, before this phenomenon had disappeared, French gym owner, journalist and athlete Edmond Desbonnet published a colorful history of these mighty performers. Since he knew and interviewed many of these men (and women), Desbonnet was able to put a human face on the strongmen and strongwomen who made their livings by performing spectacular strength stunts for the entertainment of the public. Among these were super-strong athlete Louis Uni, known as Apollon; Eugen Sandow, the mighty Adonis of the stage; the great strongwoman Kati Sandwina Brumbach and many others who entertained audiences by lifting barbells, automobiles, horses and even elephants. Now translated to English and extensively annotated, The Kings of Strength records and preserves the biographies of more than 200 strength performers and bodybuilders from ancient times up to the early 1900s. The book provides a vital contribution to both theatrical and athletic history, while exploring the universal fascination with strength and muscular physiques.

This classic text was written in the Bronze Era and therefore describes some of the lifting techniques that produce a natural and strong physique like that of the strongment of the past.

Fully Illustrated. This ebook is 506 pages long and is in French language.

Le Rois de La Force "The Kings of Strength" by Edmond Desbonnet ebook

CHF 25.00Price
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