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This amazing ebook written in 1930 by Bishnu Charan Gosh and Sen Gupta describes how to perform the various barbell and bodybuilding exercises bronze era athletes relied on, and it's a very complete work out, and the book also introduces the trainee to the art of Muscle Control, an ancient method similar to yoga, that teaches one how to isolate and flex muscles and pose.

The bodybuilding workout featured in this book is a full body workout, consisting of barbell curls and triceps extensions, chest pressing of the wrestlers bridge (as there was no flat bench for pressing back then), and barbell rowing, barbell shoulder presses, squats and pullovers. It is clear that such workouts were used by bodybuilders during the Silver Era to also build marvellous natural physiques without the assistance of steroids. Ebook is 134 pages.

Muscle Control and Barbell Exercise by Gupta and Gosh ebook

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