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Ready to train like a Bronze Era strongman? Then George F Jowett's courses are for you!

George Jowett’s Bronze Era training courses have helped thousands upon thousands of trainees know the thrill of strength but as they were written almost a century ago, they are long out of print and original copies are VERY difficult to find in any condition… However, George Jowett’s secrets still live on today! The Jowett Collection consists of three of Jowett’s greatest training courses, now available in high-quality ebooklet editions for modern trainees to enjoy and benefit from, and take you from novice to advanced stages of Bronze Era style training. Progressive Barbell Training and Progressive Dumbbell Training are two different ebooklets that prepare one for the more Advanced Barbell Training course that can be started 6-12 months later.

Progressive Barbell Training is a Bronze Era course made for the Home Gym Enthusiast, featuring some of the most effective Barbell exercises as practiced by Bronze Era Strongmen. Dumbbell exercises are combined in this program. The course includes exercises that focus not just on strength, but developing health and vitality. Each exercise is described in detail and illustrated. Important topics such as when and how to exercise, rest and massage,  advanced training and specialization and diet are discussed. Ebooklet is 37 pages long.

Progressive Barbell Training by George F Jowett ebooklet

CHF 10.00Price
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