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This is an excellent ebooklet written by Sigmund Klein during the 1940s, featuring a combination of both Bronze era and Silver style lifts. If you wish to train at home and only have a barbell and a dumbbell, then this is the book you need! No bench, no squat rack needed!!

This is not your typical Bench, Squat, Deadlift, Curl, Tricep extension and Shoulder Press This contains much more. You will learn much more! Sigmund Klein learnt from the great Professor Attila, and incorporates much of his learnings in this booklet. It is a synthesis of many great lifts such as the Tiger Press, The Steinborn Squat, Odd lifts, and much more. If you wish to train at home and want to get strong, try this course! Enjoy!

Super Physique Home Bodybuilding Barbell Course by Sigmund Klein

CHF 10.00Price
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