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The Incredible Lou Ferrigno: His Story With His Step-by-Step Training Program and Special Techniques for Building a Superb Body by Lou Ferrigno (1982-05-14) Hardcover – January 1, 1656. Retails for approximately $1000 on Amazon. Extremely rare, a steal at $250.

If you are a Lou Ferrigno fan, or enjoy drug free bodybuilding this is some great inspiration. The book is about Ferrigno's life growing up, and the events that led him to winning the Mr. Universe competition, and starring in the Incredible Hulk. He also has a great bodybuilding section in his book  with his personal routines, making it even more complete on how to build an impressive physique in the minimum amount of time. Again, a great book for the Ferrigno fan! Price includes shipping worldwide.

The Incredible Lou Ferrigno: Hardcover

CHF 80.00Price
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