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How to Build a Shapely and Classic Physique! This ebook is the predecessor to Steve Reeves' How to Build a Classic Physique. If you cant afford to purchase or can't find Steve Reeves' Building a Classic Physique, then this ebook comes pretty close.

Within this ebook, you will learn the method of training of the Silver Era legends, including Steve Reeves, and how they build a classic physique. The 3 courses build from basic, to develop a foundation, up to shaping, to bring out shape in the physique. There are 10 chapters in total, dealing with various aspects of building a classic physique, with extrac courses for arm development, and using different equipment to hit stubborn areas. Nutrition and supplementation is also covered. A classic read! Ebook 77 pages.

The Shapely Physique: How to Achieve it Through Weight Training eBook

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