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This is an alternate edition of the Vince Gironda Workout Bulletin with a different exercise routine. It is at first not obvious that the orutine is different, but studying the images you realise that Vince changed the exercises around. This is typical of Vince. On top of that, this particular book has the original photos of Vince's Gym bodybuilders performing the exercises as opposed to cartoons. A real collectors piece!

Vince Gironda's Workout Bulletin is a 8 month beginers course designed to take a novice bodybuilder to a point were he can try intermediate to advanced routines like the 8 x 8 or the 10 x 10. If you are unfamiliar with Vince Girondas routines and want to try one out, this is your best bet! Enjoy!!

The Vince Gironda Workout Bulleting alternate edition

CHF 16.00Price
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